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Japan Part 9 - Yamazaki River and Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

Assalamualaikum, Konnichiwa and Hi!!

Notes as usual:
1. this is meant for sharing only
2. I am not a pro-traveler, just an amateur who love Japan so much
3. I know that many out there have a dream of going to Japan especially Arashist so I share my experience, hoping that it may benefit you to plan a trip to Japan, budget-wisely
4. I am losing my memory, and carving here is a solution, so bear with all the stories
5. All useful links and summary of the cost will be at the end of each entry. You may skip everything and scroll down. No hard feeling at all ^_^


We arrived in Nagoya Station Noritake around 6.30am, and 1st thing that we did was searching for coin lockers to keep our luggage and backpacks. We also made sure where the station for Meitetsu line that we should take in order to get to our hotel later. After everything settled, we took our way to the Yamazaki River. 

We chose to visit this river because it was in Spring and through our research Yamazaki River is a favourite spot to enjoy the sakura-viewing. It also has night time illumination in spring (info HERE). When we arrived at Mizuhoundojonishi Station, there were so many students with sports uniform heading the same way that we were heading. They had a sport day and the stadium was situated just near the river!! By the way, as you can see, the sakura was already past the full-bloom so the view was maybe not soooo fascinating but still beautiful for us to enjoy hehe.

yes, above right side was the only cover for manhole in Japan that I managed to capture. 
Japan 2.0 I will surely remember to capture them all insyaAllah ^_^
you can enjoy some of wonderful pictures of manholes' covers in Japan HERE

Sports day!!!! 

there was something historical here, but I forgot about the story huhu

flowers bloom beautifully in a playground that we passed by

I missed those moments walking around will all these views.. see the house above, pretty isn't it?

Then we headed Port of Nagoya to enjoy the Nagoya Public Aquarium. They have killer whales there or some may call it Orca and that was why we really wanted to go there. Luckily, all of us three love things like this hahaha..It was only 8 minutes walk from Nagoyako station. We bought some food to eat before we enter the aquarium.

My sis's favourite. We truly tawakkal for this huhu..

the excitement started to build up when we saw all these!!

haha.. we bought hot drinks to warm our bodies after breakfast and we chose three types of Nescafe that we were sure halal (we googled the ingredients) and after discussing, this black one went to my cousin (thank you for sacrifing ur taste bud dear!) haha.. but at last we drank it together because let me tell you, this was the most bitter memory that we had in Japan ahahahhahahah... so that's why we shared it. Kesian my cousin heheheheh..

Then, it's time for the aquarium!! Yattaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Our friends, the killer whales!! Kawaiiiii!!!!

Another cute friends, dolphins!!!!

this one was actually taken from google. They sometimes release the whales here for people to watch. I forgot to capture this kind of view so I asked Mr Google for one huhu.  (the above dolphin pictures was taken by me from this audience seats)

they called this as white whale, or beluga. They also have shows here, and it was exciting and cute!

haiiiiiiiiiiiii~~ this dolphin's name is Joy! what a brilliant creature!!

We were sooooooooooo excited for this show, and our eyes keep shedding happy tears.. huhuhu... 

Then we continued to enjoy the rest of the aquarium..

they even have penguins here! and you can wait for the feeding time to watch them eat, ofcourse! caption, ahaks!

We bought the combo-tickets that also allow entrance into the nearby Nagoya Marine Museum, the Antarctic Research Vessel "Fuji," and the observation deck (top floor of the Port Building at the Port of Nagoya). So after we had fully enjoyed the aquarium, we headed to the other two places.

Sugoi ne?

ai aiii captain!!

they did this meticulously. Those brownish things came with the oily effects..hoho..

bit of creepy haha!

errr...what I was doing???

the last picture with a sakura tree!!

We spent sooooooo many hours in Port of Nagoya, and by the time we were finish, the day started to get dark, so we cancelled our plan to see the Wildflower Garden Blue bonnet and the Higashiyama Sky Tower. After discussion, we decided to search for a muslim shop for some food. But after few stations, and few more walkings, we disappointedly turned back to Nagoya station because we couldn't find the shop. It may not exist anymore, maybe.

most right is the schedule for the train and they really do follow it.. 

some more pictures to capture the memories..left below were how the coin lockers look like ^_^

So we took the meitetsu line, the special line to go to the airport. Our hotel the Toyoko Inn Chubu Kokusai Honkan Orange Sidewas just 5-10 minutes walk from the airport. The staff was so nice and even offered us 3 small free gifts (each of us got 3). The room was very comfortable and came with a large TV and  seaside view. So we washed up, ate our remaining food (we still have our Maggie and Brahim's), watch some news and variety shows, and then....... sleep. And that's how our day in Nagoya ended hehe..

picture at the right above was actually our toilet key-control. After many way more impressive toilets, only this one I remember to photograph hahahah..I will talk more about toilets in other entries heheh.. I mean toilet in Japanlaa ehhe..

Before I forgot, Nagoya also has its own unlimited pass that you can get at 600~850 yen but we did not buy it because we had already recharged our Suica for another 1000 yen before (refer previous entry).

Informational links:
4. Infor for Nagoya HERE

Other attractive places that we did not go due to time constraint
1. Nagoya castle
2. Higashiyama sky tower
3. Wildflower garden

So now it's time for cost!!!

Port of Nagoya Aquarium (packaged with Nagoya Marine Museum, the Antarctic Research Vessel "Fuji," and the observation deck).          2000 yen/pax
Food and drinks                                    ~800 yen/pax
Train fare                                                 none, included in Suica
Coin locker                                            ~800 yen/pax (the smaller your bag, the smaller the amount you need to pay)
Toyoko Inn (Room for 3, non smoking)  3160 yen/pax/night



“The journey itself is my home.” 
~Matsuo Bashō~

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